The Mysteries of Web Hosting Part 2

Web Servers

In the first article of this 2 part series, I gave an overview of what Web hosting is and described the two main types of hosting (shared and dedicated). In this article, I’ll describe the basic features you should look for in a hosting plan as well as the essential qualities and services a good host should have in order for you to make the best possible choice. Let’s start with these.

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5 Important Criteria for Choosing Your Web Designer

Finding a good Web design professional is not easy. It’s a very competitive arena where it an be hard to pick out the real professionals from those who jump into this complex field without mastering the craft. You have to be wary of offers that seem too good to be true… they often are! The creation of an effective Web presence requires more than just technical skills and more than the mere ability to create “pretty things”. It requires serious planning and creative and technical skills that are up to par with standards that are constantly evolving.

Whether you choose to do business with a studio or agency or with a solo professional like me, there are certain selection criteria that you should be evaluating carefully in order to take the best decision possible for your business. This article describes 5 of the ones I consider most important.

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Webfocus Design Now Powered by WordPress


I just finished the conversion of this Web site to WordPress. The visuals have not changed much but the site will be a lot more functional for me now and much more useful to you…

I will be able to start publishing articles with tips and tricks to help small business, orgs or micro-companies stand out and build an effective Web presence. I have many ideas for new articles and I’m excited to start working on them again.

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Project : Groupe Conseil Avantages Sociaux G.C.A.S.

GCAS Web Site - Home Page

I worked with this new firm of advisers and brokers in the group insurance and employee benefits field and created their Web site and branding. The site is powered by WordPress so the client can easily update its content. Check out the project’s portfolio page for more information and larger images.

5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Web Site

Whether it is used to sell consumer goods, promote specialized services or offer technical support, a well designed and constructed Web site is an increasingly important part of the business strategy for organizations of any size. Whether you own a large company, a small business, a non-profit or are working solo in a micro business, your Web site can quickly become the primary mean through which your potential clients discover your goods or services offerings. It is up to you to ensure that this virtual storefront is usable and looks as professional as possible.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when building Web sites of any size which can contribute to your loosing visitors and money. Avoid them and you may sprint ahead of your competition…

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New WordPress Web Design Services


Webfocus Design has been working with the WordPress CMS platform for a while now. To mark this annoucement, we’ll be re-launching one of our clients’ sitein a few days. The site has been entirely re-built in WordPress in order to give the client full control over their content as well as a solid foundation to evolve their online presence as they reache further into social media. Why WordPress? We chose …

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Webfocus Design Attending WordCamp Montreal

I’ll have the pleasure of attending the WordCamp Montreal conference in late August (28 and 29). WordCamp Montreal is a conference about WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging and content management (CMS) software. It will be a great occasion for me to network with other WordPress enthusiasts and learn a lot of new things about the platform. This knowledge will of course be put to good use in my WordPress …

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Re-launch of the Webfocus Design Blog

Welcome again to the Webfocus Design blog !

Recently, we have bettered our service offer and, following those changes, we decided to rebuild our blog using a different technological platform. One one hand, we’ve added PHP development to our existing Web development services. With PHP, we’ll be able to address a wider array of needs and projects, especially those where the use of open-source software is mandatory.

Furthermore, we’re now offering WordPress installation, design, configuration, development and management services.

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