Web sites Design

The goal is to be clear and precise in order to provide a simple, fast and eficent user experience.

Design UX/UI & Web Development
Standards based
Performance & optimisation

We advocate a well structured design that breathes and supports content that is at once precise and concise. Tell us about the nature of your business and we'll be able to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

We've been working with WordPress since 2010 and we've developed a solid expertise to create personalized solutions for all types of Web sites.

Types of projects

Informational or brochure sites

Blogs & magazines

portfolio Sites

Online sotres (eCOmmerce)

Event Management sites

(display only or with ticket sales and RSVP)

Directory sites

(members or business directories with or without paid membership, faceted search, etc.)

Online booking sites

(book resources like people, rooms, time slots, etc., with or without payment)




What is WoordPress

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that gives you full control and ownership of the content in your web site. /span>

Unlike other platforms, you are its sole owner. WordPress is a powerful, flexible and modular system that can be used to build any type of web site then grow with your evolving needs while remaining easy to use.contenus.


Why WordPress?

WordPress is not just a piece of software.

By using it, you become part and benefit from a large community of users and developers working on improving it every day. Its popularity also ensures the security and sustainability of the platform making WordPress the ideal foundation on which we can build a site that really meets your needs now and in the future...


WordPress, our specialty

We have specialized in the creation of web solutions based on WordPress since 2010.

We have the tools and expertise to create high performing and secure WordPress web sites that are perfectly tailored to your needs. We're also here to accompany you long after the launch of the site with our maintenance, training and other services for your specific needs.


Planning and Strategy

After we first meet with you to discuss your project and your objectives, we create the navigation structure as well as information architecture of the site (wireframes, site maps). UX and strategic planning.

Graphic & UI Design

Graphic design of the site and creation of visual mockups. Can include branding work like the design or redesign of your logo, brand colors, etc.

Basic WordPress installation and configuration

Installation of WordPress on your hosting account and basic configuration including theme, security and utility plugins and tools and implementation of multilingual features if required.

Content Integration

Creation of the pages, articles and menus and integration of your content (text, images, etc.). Also, layout of the most complex pages using a page builder tool.

Web Integration, Programming and Advanced Configuration

Integration of the design mockups into the site and programming of custom features and functionality if required. Configuration of advanced plugins or features like eCommerce, payment gateways, installation of SSL certificates, etc.

Tests, Quality Assurance and Adjustments

Testing of the site in different browsers on the desktop, tablets and mobile and necessary adjustments if needed. Tests of transactions on eCommerce sites, tests of newsletter sign-ups and other forms, etc.

Site Launch

Migration of your web site to its permanent server if needed. Last tweaking of SEO parameters. Adding site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console including submission of the XML site map.

Ongoing Site Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance and software updates of the site after its launch in order to ensure it works optimally and remains secure. Includes external monitoring and scheduled automated backups sent to secure remote server. This service is offered through our Annual WordPress Maintenance Plans and is optional but strongly recommended.


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