Project : Groupe Conseil Avantages Sociaux G.C.A.S.

GCAS Web Site - Home Page

I worked with this new firm of advisers and brokers in the group insurance and employee benefits field and created their Web site and branding. The site is powered by WordPress so the client can easily update its content. Check out the project’s portfolio page for more information and larger images.

The Mysteries of Web Hosting – Part 1

In this article, I have decided to touch on a subject that may be confusing for many non-Web professionals: Web Hosting. While it is easy to understand what a Web Host does on a basic level, it can be much harder to sift through all the different options and decide which hosting service provider is right for your needs.

In this first part, I will start by giving a quick explanation of the main services that Web Hosts offer as well as the two main types of Web hosting packages you can choose. That will give you a clear idea of the concepts I will talk about in part 2 and what features you should be comparing when choosing a Web host.

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