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Webfocus Design has been working with the Wordpress CMS platform for a while now. To mark this annoucement, we’ll be re-launching one of our clients’ sitein a few days. The site has been entirely re-built in Wordpress in order to give the client full control over their content as well as a solid foundation to evolve their online presence as they reache further into social media.

Why Wordpress?

We chose to join the Wordpress community and develop an expertise on the platform for many reasons. The main one is that we are convinced that, offering Wordpress based Web design services will enable us to better serve our clients now and for years to come. Whether you need a sophisticated social media ready Web presence or have more modest needs and a smaller budget, we can build a site for you on Wordpress that meets your needs and your means.

Here are a few more specific reasons we think Wordpress is the ideal platform for a variety of Web projects:

  1. Since it was released in 2003, Wordpress has evolved into a very flexible and powerful Web publishing platform that has moved very far from its humble beginnings in the blogging world. As of June 2010, there was over 25 million Wordpress publishers in the world and Wordpress powers many large business sites.
  2. Wordpress as a platform has a lot of momentum and is actively developed by a very active open source community.
  3. Most of the many business sites Wordpress powers have very little to do with traditional blogs. There is practically no limit to the kind of functionality that can be added to a Wordpress site using plugins or custom programming thus enabling engaging user experiences and tying your site into the real time Web.
  4. Using Wordpress to power an entire Web site usually improves ranking in search engines. Using a good premium theme framework usually improves SEO even further.
  5. Wordpress is built in a modular fashion which means that sophisticated new functionality can be added to it easily either by using plugins, or through custom programming, but always without the need to alter the core files.
  6. This same modular approach is used to give Wordpress a custom look through themes or theme frameworks. Themes are used to give a site its visual appearance but they do so without affecting the site’s structure or content. If your organization’s branding changes significantly down the line, your Web site could be completely redesigned without the need to build a new one from scratch.
  7. Wordpress can let you manage any number of separate sites from a single install through its multi-site feature which was improved and integrated into the new 3.0 version. Each one of these sites on these networks can have a completely different look and feel and even use their own domain names but can share plugins and other resources. This can greatly ease the management of multiple sites (or blogs, mini-sites, etc) as well as multiple users like content contributors.

These are only a few of the reasons why Wordpress has become a very compelling option for all types of Web sites. It’s not a solution for all projects but, if you have a limited budget for example, using Worpress can be the ideal solution to create a basic Web presence that will grow and evolve with your needs. When your budget allows it, Webfocus Design could create a unique and professional visual branding for you and integrate it into your existing Wordpress site.

Who is Wordpress For?

  • Artists et photographers
  • Musicians
  • Non profit organizations
  • Small to large businesses
  • Freelanceers
  • much more…

In Conclusion

Wordpress really is a fantastic Web design platform. It can be used for a variety of projects types and for all kinds of budgets. The cost for a basic Wordpress site with a pre-made theme can be very low but, if your needs are more sophisticated, Webfocus Design can design a site that will be perfectly suited to your objectives and your brand.

To find out more about our new Wordpress servieces, please consult our Wordpress section. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or by phone at the number in the header at the top of this site.

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