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WordPress is an advanced Content Management System with components that need to work together seamlessly.

Regular software updates are released for these components to keep your website secure and ensure it runs optimally.

With Zone W3 maintenance plans, we ensure that your site remains secure, functional, and high-performing. View our plans.

Our Maintenance

All of our WordPress Maintenance Plans offer three layers of protection to ensure your peace of mind:


24/7 Monitoring

Your site will undergo continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, by an external service that alerts us to any site or hosting outages.

Additionally, regular security scans are conducted to maintain its security.


Automated Backups

We will configure automated scheduled backups on your WordPress site and these backups will be sent and stored on a secure third party server (always available

The frequency of the backups will be tailored to your site’s requirements.


Software Updates Management

We have the tools, expertise and processes to perform smart and methodical WordPress software update management.

Our team is always on the watch for new releases and potential issues in order to keep your WordPress site up to date and secure at all times.

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Details of Included

WordPress website maintenance and update packages consist of the following four components:

This component includes a fixed number of hours dedicated to testing and applying software updates to various components of a WordPress website. These updates cover WordPress core, the theme controlling the visual appearance, and plugins providing additional functionalities not offered by WordPress itself.

The second component involves scheduled automated backups of your website, along with the storage of these backups on a secure remote cloud server. This ensures that none of your website’s data or content will ever be lost, regardless of any issues that may arise with the server it is hosted on. In the event of an unexpected issue, we will be able to restore your site to its state at the time of the last backup. The frequency of backups varies based on your plan and the complexity of your site.

The third component entails continuous 24/7 monitoring of your site. In the event of an outage from your web host or any other unforeseen issue that renders your site unavailable, we will promptly receive notifications and intervene accordingly.

The fourth component acts as an “insurance” feature, where we assume the responsibility of ensuring the security and optimal functionality of your site throughout the maintenance plan’s duration (1 year). Please refer to our WordPress Maintenance Plans Terms document (Zone-W3-Media-Design-Inc_WordPress-Websites-Maintenance-Plans-Terms-v2024.pdf) for details on limitations of responsibility.

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Frequently Asked

Yes, you can. At that time, we will deactivate our monitoring systems as well as the sending of automated backups to our remote cloud server. We’ll also remove your site from our remote site management system.

Please note that the unused time on your plan is not refundable.

Yes, but you will need a valid licence for the theme or plugins you are using so we can access and download new versions.

Occasionally, an update to a WordPress site component will “break” the site in some way because of a compatibility issue with other components or other reasons.

But, as we test each update on a private staging or working copy of our clients’ web sites before we apply them to the public site, we can foresee and fix any issue before they affect the public site.

But if you apply an update yourself or an update has an unforeseen negative effect that is seen later, we’ll be able to restore the site quickly to a state before the break.


We can handle your small site modification or addition requests by either billing line items or using our prepaid hour blocks. These hour blocks can also be used for content management tasks, WordPress training and more.

In all cases, we’ll do the work on a staging or work copy of the site and your site additions or modifications will be deployed on the live public site following your testing and approval.

No, but we recommend trusted hosting providers that offer quality services and support. We have close relationships with key hosting providers that will meet your needs and budget.

If an update breaks a site in testing (or you perform an update yourself) and it is determined that the cause of the break is a custom component (theme, plugin) or custom code that was already part of the site when the Maintenance Plan was put in place, we may need to bill additional fees to modify the theme, plugin or custom code to fix the issue and make it compatible with the current version of WordPress or other key components of the site.

If the fix is considered to be minor, we may fix it without you incurring any additional charges.

We take cheques and direct bank transfers.

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