The Clothes Do Make The Man

By: Marie-Josée Lavigne


You want to get ahead of your competition and grow your business?

You first have to become aware of the power of your organisation’s brand image. Great branding enhances and promotes your business so it can be perceived as serious and professional by your potential customers. When a brand image is successfully designed, it adds value to your services, your organisation and your products. Great branding enables your organisation to get ahead of the competition by communication a credible, coherent, pertinent and professional message.

Look around you: the proof of the power of branding is everywhere! Large corporations like Apple, Nike or Dell have understood that intelligent and clear visual design is a prerequisite for converting consumers into customers. Whether it’s for your company, for a car or the logo on your snowboard, when design works well, it creates an emotional connection. People come to love it, link it to positive experiences and become loyal to it.

That is why it is so important to work with a team of innovators, movers and risk takers that can put a spotlight on your organisation and products with a well-designed brand image.
The successful execution of a brand image for an organisation or product depends on a positioning strategy that flows from a good understanding of the target market and customers as well as the needs and values of the organisation. The winning formula: a multidisciplinary approach that starts with discovery and analysis phases which then inform the actual brand image design phase. It is a process that takes a number of variables into consideration that influence the success of the design like a well targeted and efficient visibility strategy, a coherent message distilled into a memorable slogan, a well-researched and authentic logo, colors that enhance your business or product, etc.

Design informs how we communicate with our customers and educate them. Design is the catalyst! Your brand image becomes your unique signature!

Marie-Josée Lavigne
Co-Founder/Artistic Director

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