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For the maintenance of transactional or
complex WordPress web sites

If you need an annual WordPress maintenance plan that is more complex than those covered our standard maintenance plans, you can fill out the form below to request a quote.

Prerequisites for taking charge of an existing web site not built by Zone W3 Media Design

Before we can take on the maintenance and security of your site, we have to analyze its installed components (WordPress, theme, plugins) as well as assess the service and performance of your current web hosting provider. We will provide you with a short analysis report that will include any modifications we deem necessary before we can take on the maintenance of your site for the next year.

These modifications could include the need to change hosting provider or to replace certain site components that we know are problematic or insecure. At that time we will provide you with an estimate of the costs for these modifications (not included with the recurring plan price) as well as recommendations for other reliable hosting providers we trust. You will then be able to make informed decisions.

WordPress Maintenance Plan Quote Request