Terms and Conditions

When you purchase one of our WordPress Maintenance Plan or Prepaid Hours Blocks, your payement indicates your acceptance of our following general terms and conditions:

General Terms & Conditions Conditions for our WordPress Maintenance Plan or Prepaid Hours Blocks

  1. Exclusions : Our WordPress Sites Maintenance Plans and hours blocks do not include assistance, support or troubleshooting services for your own computers, computer network(s) or any other computer equipment on your premises nor for the configuration or usage of such equipment and related software (email web browsers, office applications, etc.) There are companies specializing in this kind of services and we will gladly recommend such companies to you upon request. Zone W3 Media Design Inc does not have the mandate, responsibility or expertise to provide you with this type of services.
  2. Limitation of responsibility for site modifications performed by the client or third parties: Zone W3 Media Design Inc will not be held responsible for any modifications or changes made to the client web site by the client or any third party mandated by the client that could cause a break in the site’s visual or functional integrity. If the Client or one of its authorized agents other than Zone W3 Média Design Inc initiates software updates or performs any modifications or additions to the Client web site, any work time required at the request of the Client to roll back or fix any such damages to the site will be billed to the Client at a rate of $90.00 per hour in addition to this Plan’s fees and is not considered part of the insurance component and included warranties of the Maintenance Plan or part of the normal update work covered by a Maintenance Plan the specific work associated with prepaid hours blocks.
  3. Limitation of responsibility in matters of security : at Zone W3 Media Design Inc, we implements security measures that go beyond what most competing agencies do. These security measures are applicable to the WordPress installation itself and Zone W3 Media Design Inc will not be held responsible of any intrusions or other security breach in services under the responsibility of the hosting provider like FTP or cPanel access, remote access to databases, SSH access or other. Any person mandated by Zone W3 Media Design Inc to work on the site will be using complex and secure passwords of 30 characters and more to access the site and related services (cPanel, etc.) and we strongly recommend our clients do the same. Zone W3 Media Design Inc will not be held responsible for the usage of weak and insecure passwords by the Client or any agents mandated by the Client or for the accidental or negligent sharing of their WordPress or hosting account passwords with third parties..

Annual WordPress Maintenance Plan Terms

The specific terms and conditions of our Annual WordPress Maintenance Plans are described in the following PDF document and are an integral part of the present terms and conditions. Failure to read and comprehend the terms and conditions detailed in the following PDF document will not be a reason not to conform to them even if your expectations differ from the terms and limitations described in the document.

Zone W3 Media Design Annual WordPress Maintenance Plan Terms (version 4.5, PDF 84Ko)

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