Performing a Live Redesign

By: Stéphane Bergeron


You may have noticed that this blog and site had not been updated in a while. The main reason is that I have been extremely busy in the last year which has been an incredible one for me (but this is good news right? ;). I started collaborating with new people to deliver more and better work than ever but, unfortunately, this site has been neglected as a result.

I won’t bore you with the technical details but, the WordPress theme framework I’d been successfully working with for almost two years is no longer working so well. I now tackle more and more complex projects and the Web has a whole is moving forward quickly with smart phone usage for accessing the Web growing exponentially. So I decided to change for a new theme that I’ve used on a few recent client projects and which supports these new Web standards much better.

Why a Live Re-Design?

The reason I chose to do this redesign publicly instead of on a testing server as is the norm is that, I always tell my clients that WordPress enables them to change things on their sites quickly without ever needing to start from scratch. So what better way to demonstrate this than to do it myself… in public! 🙂

This redesign entails a minor visual refresh which is basically an exercise in simplification but, on the technical side, I have to redo my portfolio in a better way with native WordPress tools instead of the way I chose when I did this site on WordPress originally.When I migrated this site to WordPress, it was only my second site with that technology so I’ve learned a lot since then. This experience enables me to work better for my client but, as my own business evolves, I also need a site that enables me to react faster and provide better tools for my clients. I will tell you all about these changes when I’m done but, in the meantime, don’t mind the sawdust as I put the finishing touches on this new version of in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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  1. Hey Stéphane, congratulations on the redesign of your website. I’ll be looking forward to seeing all the final revisions in the coming weeks. I’ve been behind in getting my own personal website up and running, so maybe your redesign will inspire me to get my own project running!


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